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A beautiful Landseer ... owner dealing with two females who were not getting along ... reached out to us for a home for the younger female, Katie...vetted, moved into an amazing home where she is referred to as "The Boss" and loving life! Here she is celebrating Christmas with her new family! Thank you to John and Robert for making her life amazing!



A ten month old male ... was a bit too much for his owners ... surrendered to TNP ... we vetted, neutered and Otis just had his first birthday in his new home! Our thanks to long time adopters Lisa, Michael and Lucianna for making Otis part of their family!

2018 otis 


A lovely 3 year old Landseer who was relinquished to TNP ... had heartworm on intake ... we treated...Samson spent a few months with TNP and his foster ... healed and moved in to his new home with Tyler! Thank you Tyler for giving Samson an amazing home!

2018 samson 

Junior ... now called Juneau

A 4 year old male, we had neutered and living with Frank and Laurie and two Newfie siblings...our thanks for opening your heart and home to Juneau!



Kash turned 5 today October 28, 2017...Happy Birthday Kash! After being spayed and vetted, she is living with Tom and Cathie and two Newfie siblings! 



Eight year old female who we had spayed and vetted ... needed a special and loving home...thanks to Andy and Terry for providing that for this girl. Used to be left outside, she is now getting used to being a house dog...we are thrilled for her!

2018 annie 


A 5 year old female Newf...came from a tough life into our hands ... we had her spayed and vetted and she is now living large with Katie and family in Rhode Island...she is loving family life and visits to the barn!



An 8 year old Newf ... family didn't have enough time for her...we had her vetted and spayed and she is now living in Rhode Island with Jo-Anne and Peter and her two new doggie brothers!



An 8 year old Newf Mix ... family changes brought her to us...she is a smart and agile girl ... we had her vetted and is now enjoying her life in Mass. with long time adopter, Faith...thank you for giving this girl an amazing home!



One of two pups who were relinquished to us...A 5 month old male grey and while Landseer...too much for the family...after being vetted, he is now living with Bill and Becky and Sara! Lucky boy!



The second of the two pups surrendered, a 5 month old female Landseer ... too much for the family ... after being vetted she now lives in Mass. with long time adopters, thank you Rebecca and family for giving this girl a home!



Three year old Puck was recently adopted...sometimes family and kids make taking care of a pet more difficult...we admire people who make quality choices for their pets! We thank the Animal Welfare Society and staff in New Milford, CT for their help with Puck. Our thanks also to Philip and Denny for making Puck part of their family!


Otto came into our rescue at approximately 16 weeks old...puppies take a lot of time...though all intentions were outstanding, the family realized that Otto needed more time than they could provide at this time...thank you to David and Linda for giving Otto a great home...we heard that he is starting puppy classes this week! Who knows...Otto may be an up and coming Therapy Dog!


You may have seen Jetta upon arrival at That Newfoundland Place...within 24 hours she started coming into herself...after being vetted, spayed, eye surgery, ear infection treated and healed...Jetta is now enjoying life with her new brother! Our thanks to Cathie and Tom for giving Jetta a new happy life!


Chloe the Newf left for her forever home this morning! Chloe is a 4 year old lovely and sweet girl ... gives kisses constantly ... loves to swim ... thanks to Eileen and Greg for making Chloe part of their amazing family!

CHLOE THE BOXER heard us right! A Boxer!! We are looking for the perfect home for 6 year old Chloe the Boxer...spayed, up to date on everything, healthy, microchipped...we've had it all done ... now the final part of the puzzle...the PERFECT home...same adoption process followed as we do for the Newfoundlands and any other dog that comes through That Newfoundland Place! Chloe is good with other with NO CATS...she is a sweetie! UPDATE ... CHLOE is now living with her rescuer ... happy life, have an amazing and loving home!


Sweet Jasper! Six year old male, we had him vetted and neutered and he was ready for his forever home! Wow Jasper!! You hit big time with Tom and Cathie! Our thanks for making Jasper part of your home and family!


Adorable Scarlett, female, we had her spayed, vetted and she was was best that she have another dog in the house ... so we are grateful to Janine, Mike AND Zoey for taking Scarlett into their home and making her part of their family!




Addie is an 18 month old female...spayed...up to date on vaccinations...will be heading to the vet for bloodwork and a check up...she arrived on Saturday and will be ready for her forever home after being evaluated. Our thanks to long time adopters Sean and Paula for giving Addie Girl a home with their lovely family!


Six month old Landseer male... needs some training and he will be awesome! Excellent temperament! Joey is in his new home....thank you Christine and Joe ... you've done an amazing job with this adorable boy!


A 5 year old black female...wonderful spayed and completely vetted...healthy and happy sweet girl......and now living with her new family! Our thanks to Pat and Laura for giving our girl a forever home!


A 3 year old female ... Landseer ... very sweet ... now spayed, vetted...happy and healthy AND in her new forever home! Thank you, Bill and Becky for making Gloria part of your family! Can't wait to see how she likes sailing!


A 9 month old female...we had her spayed and vetted and she is now living in her forever home...thank you Joe and Linda for adopting this sweet girl... we are certain she will keep you on your toes with her puppy antics!


A six year old black female, being spayed today! A change in family situation brought her to us...still evaluating however, she is also a sweetheart! Thanks to Tricia for welcoming Valentine into her home and life!



A five year old female Landseer, she was spayed a few days ago, very sweet disposition...change in family situation brought her to us...we are still evaluating...but she is a love! Sophie is in her new home...Mike and Stacy...thank you!


A five year old male...was neutered a week ago...very sweet disposition, change in family situation brought him to us. Would do best living with a female or as an only dog...we are still checking him out with cats! UPDATE ... BEAU Is in his new home! Thank you Ed and Ellie for loving this boy!


Ruby, 6 years old, was turned over to That Newfoundland Place due to family illness. She is a happy girl, acts more like 4 than 6, is adjusting to her new home with Peter, Caesar, and Archie...thank you for welcoming Ruby into your home!



Seventeen months old, black, spayed, and exhuberant ... Belle came to us due to family hardship...we had her vetted, updated on vaccinations and a good check over. She is in great shape and active...thank you to Bill and Donna...long time adopters...for giving this baby girl her forever home. Belle will have constant human companionship and will be traveling with her new "little" sister Lilly!



We are no longer looking for the right home for Apollo. He has become one magnificent boy! He looks great and behaves like a champ! Stays right with you...comes when you call...amazing! He needs a home where he has access to swimming ... we have decided that due to the length of time he has been with us at That Newfoundland Place and due to his current age, he will become part of our family and oldie crew! He loves everyone and has access to swimming daily...his skin is so much better ... and we LOVE him! 



Mr. T is a 12 year old Min Pin who was lucky enough to run across one of our volunteers...Shyann brought him to TNP... he was neutered and checked over, updated on all ... a real sweetie...our friends at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT have taken responsibility for finding him the perfect home! Thank you Animal Welfare Society for finding this little oldie a home!


What amazing girls! They were two in April...we've had them spayed and updated on everything...they are fun loving and sweet! They were loved and well cared for...due to family hardship, owner felt it more fair to the girls to re-home. Thank you Brenda for keeping these girls together and welcoming them into your home!



An almost 3 year old male...Teddy was pretty scared when he arrived here...with plenty of attention from our volunteers and some good old fashion love and hugs, his confidence was built up in a few short weeks...thanks to Paul and Paula and family for making Teddy part of their home!





Fifi, a twelve year old lovely old lady arrived at That Newfoundland Place almost two weeks ago...she was vetted and all looks good for this oldie...she needs some weight and some TLC which she will be getting plenty of with Laurie, Frank, and Fran!





Mona is a four year old female Landseer...victim of divorce...she has been vetted and was found to be entropic...she is currently healing from eye surgery and doing great ... she is sweet and happy and needs a home where she can take strolls ... no heavy hiking ... possibly swim ... and be loved!

UPDATE ,,, Mona is loving her new life in New York! Thank you, Diane, for giving Mona a super home!!!





A one year old male Landseer...a change in living situation has brought Louie to us...he is an energetic, sweet boy... a Marmaduke of the Newfoundland ... happy, loves currently being vetted and will be ready to go to his new home soon! He needs space to move about ... traditional fencing ... UPDATE ... Louie is with his new family in Mass! Thanks to Ally, Peter, and family for making Louie part of their family!





Chopper is a 2 year old female Landseer ... sweet girl...checked out great with the vet...and is now living with Bruce and Liza...long time adopters...thanks to Bruce and Liza for giving this girl a great home with her new brother Tyson!




Dexter is a 2 year old male...just came in to That Newfoundland Place...he will be neutered and vetted on Monday...gets along with other dogs...seems to have a wonderful personality...once we get to know him, we will send an update...stay tuned! Dexter is a goofie boy! Loves everyone! He loves attention and is extremely gentle though he is strong on a leash...with some minimal work, he will be the perfect dog! Thank you, Ruth, for making Dexter part of your family!



Piper, an eight month old adorable little girl, came into our rescue a few months ago...she needed vetting, spaying, and some training...she is our first placement for 2016 to a wonderful family who have had Newfoundlands for many years...the family had an expected situation where they realized that Piper would not get the time she needed and deserved and they made the tough decision to bring her back to us. However, they did an amazing job with her... puppy classes, house training, etc. So now Piper is back with us looking for her forever home! Today Piper found her forever home! Thank you Gary and Melanie!




 Family  hardship brought Sula and Jammer to us...six years old...sisters who adore each other...we have vet checks tomorrow...March 14...both are spayed and will be updated on anything needed prior to placement...UPDATE ... SULA AND JAMMER IN THEIR NEW HOME...TOGETHER! Our thanks to Chris and Melissa and family for giving these sweet girls a loving home!



Bianca recently came in to rescue...a puppy...we were fortunate in that we had an offer of fostering close by...she has been vetted and the fosters have decided to make Bianca part of their family! Our thanks to Sara and Vincenzo and family!




Gordon is a young Landseer who came in to rescue due to family was love at first sight with Mike ... Gordon is now in his home with Mike, Mary, Ernie and Nick! Good for you, Gordon! 




Two eight year old gray brothers...came to That Newfoundland Place due to severe family tragedy...they had been very well cared for and loved...both are neutered, vetted, and ready for their new start...oldies are the best! These boys are the sweetest! We are looking for someone who will adopt both together...they've been together their entire lives and clearly adore each other. These are really people dogs!

Update...Hunter and Sully continue to do well ... they are out and about...lost a few pounds and are feeling great! These two boys need to be companion dogs to an easy going family...a stroll in the yard...laying around the living room while the family watches TV ... and just generally a calm, easy life for the rest of their years...if you think you can accomodate these sweet boys...please give us a call and come for a visit!

UPDATE ... Our heartfelt thanks to Michael, Tracy, and Nate for giving Hunter and Sully a loving family life!






 Jasper just arrived at That Newfoundland Place...two year old very sweet be neutered...once healed he will be ready for his new home...good with kids, cats, other dogs...even ferrets! Was groomed yesterday and was extremely well behaved!

Update...Jasper is in his new home! YAY! Thank you to Cheryl and Mike and family! A super match!!!




 Molly is a two year old spayed female...loves to run and play but her favorite activity is SWIMMING! Working with the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, That Newfoundland Place took Molly so that we could facilitate with eye issues...we are closer to our eye specialist and with the help of our volunteer, Krisy, Molly has had cataract surgery and multiple re-checks...she can see out of one eye...the other eye was beyond repair, however, she has no pain and one would EVER know that she has any issues...Molly is active and needs a home that will accomodate that and will continue her training...she is smart! We thank the Newfoundland Club of New England for paying for Molly's eye surgery! Rescues working together for the best interest of the dog!

Update...Molly is in her new home...doing well and loving life! Thank you to Dan and Renee for taking Molly into your home! She is an amazing girl!





Chuckles is a 5 to 6 year old black Newfoundland...divorce and foreclosure has led him to us...he is very, very sweet though still scared and somewhat withdrawn...we are working with him and he seems to be coming around he looks forward to his walks in the field and loves carrying a toy! He is neutered and will be vetted used to living with another dog...he will make a great family member for the right people...come and meet him at our next open house!

UPDATE ... called Charles or in his new home and loving his new life! Thanks to Barbara and Tom for bring Charlie into their home!


 Two 10 year old Labradors...owner has taken ill and can no longer care for these amazing dogs...we are looking for a home where they will receive the same love and attention that they are used to...we are working to keep them together...honestly, friends...old dogs are AMAZING!!!!

Spike and Bailey were placed through another rescue...together! Great job!




Smokey is a gray four month old puppy...we were not sure of his orthopedic issues so took him to our specialist for our pleasant surprise, his hips are good! Not even borderline...but good...with good nutrition and proper slippery surfaces and not over doing with walks...this little boy will be a super dog! His temperment is perfect and he is happy and never stops wagging his tail!


Smokey is in his new home...loving life in New Hampshire...thank you Dani and David for giving this sweet baby a home!


What a boy! Five years old, neutered...handsome...well behaved...just got here Sunday so we need some time to get to know him so that we make the perfect match! Let me add...he is a CGC and a Therapy Dog...and has done amazing work in convalescent homes! He is sweet and gentle...he will be a super dog for the right home!

UPDATE...Kato is now in his new home...thank you, Linda, for making Kato part of your family!


TWEED ... Now Phoebe

Tweed came in at 13 weeks...had been stepped on and her tibia was fractured...she was healed when we got her however a luxating patella was a result of the injury. We just did the surgery to correct the patella and she is healing ... she will be ready for her new home soon!

Update ... Tweed is now Phoebe! Healed perfectly after surgery and is doing amazingly well...well enough where she is now in her new home! Thank you, Karen and family,  for making this little girl part of your home!


Roy and Gracie

A four year old neutered male...wonderful disposition! Roy came to us as a result of a family situation that changed. He loves to sit next to you and be pet...come and meet Roy!  

A five year old spayed sweetheart...a change in family situation has brought her to us. Watch for her pic to be posted us if you would like to meet Gracie!

Update... Roy and Gracie are in their new home! Together! Thanks to long time adopters Wayne and Ellen for taking these two sweeties in to their home!



Meet Leda! An adorable 18 week old spayed female Hound mix...she loves other dogs and loves to play...she's a sweet and sassy super puppy girl!

Leda was placed in a great home through the Animal Welfare Society, New Milford, CT.


Meet Lance...a 10 year old yellow Lab whose owner has been transferred...we are looking for a great home for this wonderful boy...oldies make great dogs...they often move in and it's like they have been there forever...please open your heart to some of our oldies....thank you so much!




Caesar is a 7 year old male...who has recently come into rescue. He has a typical Newfie dispositon...he will be vetted and will be ready for his new home. Neuter and vet work done! Caesar is now in his new home! Thank you, Peter!



Coco was the first rescue that we have ever placed who went home on a beautiful sunny day in a Corvette! Adorable! Thanks to the McCarthy family for giving this baby a loving home!


Twelve week old Bella just went to her new home...thank you to Andrew, Abby, and Zeke for giving this baby a GREAT home! We can tell that Bella and Zeke are going to be the BEST of friends! Pic to follow!


Thank you Chaz and Lindsay for making this adorable baby a part of your family! Pic to follow!



Tucker is in his new home...a 12 week old baby is now part of a wonderful family...thank you Nichole and Jason! Pic to follow!



Fifteen month old Bruin...a sweetie...victim of divorce...came to us two weeks ago...we did our normal vet work...she is spayed and healthy and as of today is in her new home with a wonderful family! Thank you David and Dana for making this girl part of your amazing family!



Kate ... a beautiful 6 year old female... was our first placement for 2015! Thanks to Ed and Ellie for giving this girl her forever home!



Harvey...a  5 month old puppy who was in training to be a seizure detection dog...was not a good candidate for this job...and actually most Newfs are NOT really suitable for Service Dogs...mostly because they don't live long enough...BUT...we got Harvey...thank you to all involved...and now Harvey is living large here in CT... walking the shoreline ...getting tons of attention...and loving life! Thanks to Else, Earl, and their amazing son, Connor for giving this boy a great chance!


Kehoe...pronounced COY

An amazing young neutered male...owner worked many hours and realized he needed more people, kids, and now HE HAS IT! YAY COY! Loving life with a tremendous family... Thank you to Vincenzo, Sara, and their wonderful kids for making COY a happy BOY!!!



Welcome, Robbie, to That Newfoundland Place! Robbie is a 4 year old neutered male...exceptional disposition... sweet and loves everyone...he will make a magnificent addition to some lucky family! Good for Robbie ... he's in his new home with a tremendous family who is madly in love with him!


Lady Jade is a 2 1/2 year old bundle of energy  weighing in at under  90 lbs.  Jade loves to swim and chilling out with  her foster family that includes  2 other Newfs and  a cat!  Car rides will make her smile!Jade is available from the  Newfoundland Club of New England.  Jade has been placed. An amazing year of finding super homes for these special dogs!


My name is Lovely Leah...  I am 7 years young.  I'm a little shy but love human attention within a minute after meeting you!  I am a real snuggle bug that enjoys swimming, car rides and my new Newf foster brother...Leah is available from the  Newfoundland Club of New England.  Leah is in her new home and doing great!  


Maisey is an 8 year old sweet girl...take good care of her and she will follow you anywhere...Maisey enjoys the company of her new foster Newfie brother and Oliver the cat...she also enjoys car rides. Maisey is available from the  Newfoundland Club of New England. Maisey is in her new home...YAY for Maisey!!!



Owner surrender 3 year old black female...we just had her spayed and will post more about her once we get to know her...stay tuned! Update...Marilyn is still with us ...Marilyn is currently being treated for Heartworm...she should be able to go to her new home in about four weeks.

Marilyn's final heartworm treatment was last of today, 7/21/14, she is being kept calm and quiet.

Marilyn as of 8/30/14 is ready for a new home...she is not good with cats...great with kids....and looking for a forever family. 

Hooray for Marilyn! She is in her new home...Abbott, Carla and family...thank you so much for giving this sweetie a home!



A  4 year old Irish Spotted female, sweet dispostion, being spayed next week...Nina had a tough time with her surgery...but she's eating and wagging her tail and is just happy and friendly...once healed we will be deciding on what's best for Nina...stay tuned! Update...YAY!!! Nina found her forever home with Katy and Craig and family...good for Nina!!!


 Wylie is a 3 year old Newfoundland male...owner surrender...beautiful boy ...he will be vetted this week and we will then update our site with more info...stay tuned! Update...Wylie also has a  home waiting for him...long time adopters...however, Wylie is also being treated for Heartworm and will staying with us throughout the treatment period...he should be ready to go to his new home in about four weeks.

As of today, 7/21/14, Wylie also has completed his heartworm treatment...his new family visits and Wylie loves that! He will be ready to leave in a few weeks and will be SO excited to start his new life!

Update...Wylie is in his new home...Sherry and John and family...thank you for making Wylie part of your family!


A black male, 6 years old, being neutered on 8/5, great disposition...healed after neutering...a healthy, bouncy boy! A BIG hit at our open house event held on August 17... once we can gauge him with cats, we will be placing him in the best home for Ross...update....Ross did fine with his cat test...and left for his new home on August 30th! Thank you to Nancy and Tom for being so in love with this amazing dog!


Black female spayed, 4 years old, we had her vetted, she is up to date on vaccinations, currently being treated for Lyme...a sweetie...YAY Rosie! Rosie is in her new in New York and living LARGE with John! Thank you so much John for giving Rosie an amazing home!!!



A 11 month old spayed female...needs a home where she can be someone's center of attention...very sweet, needs training as most pups do...

Update....ROXIE is in her new home! YAY Roxie!!! Roxie got the home she was looking for...she's the center of attention!




Rizzo...Sandy...ZUKO... The POMS! 

Our latest endeavor...we took in three Pomeranians...YES... Pomeranians...they are being spayed and neutered this week...they are young and FUN!!! Two females and one male...the young lady, Shyann, who volunteers for us, and her sister, named them after Grease characters...Rizzo...Sandy...and ZUKO! Adorable!!!

Update! Thank you Animal Welfare Society in New Milford for helping us with these three sweeties! They are all in their new homes!




Bella and Max


YAY! Bella and Max found a home together...thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dawn from Pennsylvania! We hope to get updates on their progress!




Meet Franny! A seven  month old female ... exuberant and full of joy and fun! Definitely will need training as all puppies do... we are vet checking this week and then she will be ready to go to her new home! 

Frannie now has a brother, Jobe and a sister, Mary ... loving life with a long time adopter, Valorie! Frannie is now called Isis...and she is loving her new life!



Deli, a 3 year old spayed female, came into rescue and was rather unruly...she was kindly fostered by our groomer, learned SO much! She has recently been adopted by long time adopters John and Sherry and is now living the life! Pics to follow!



Maddie is a beautiful 4 year old Newfoundland weighing about 110lbs. She was rescued from a shelter underweight and heartworm positive with her sister who has since been placed. Since coming to us she has gained weight and is heartworm free and ready to have a home to call her own. She was fostered in a home during her treatment and adjusts very well to home living. She is very respectful of cats, the 5 in the foster home, and great with dogs of all sizes. She loves to run and is doing well with leash walking. She especially loves to be with you and occasionally thinks she is a lap dog. She gives great kisses and is very calm when meeting new people and even children. She would love someone to share her warm heart with...and so Maddie has found that special family! It's been a long road for Maddie...heartworm treatment...then being spayed...then waiting for the perfect home! Our thanks to the Animal Welfare Society and Sarah for their love and quality care of this very special girl!






Meet Daisy...a three year old Newfoundland who has had a very rough start...No worries now Daisy! She is healthy...we just had her spayed...a very, very sweet little girl...who is looking for a loving home. Thank you, Michelle and Greg, for giving Daisy a super home! Pics to follow.




Sadie is a 6 year old black spayed female Newfoundland...sweet, playful, energetic...loves to be around people...never stops wagging her tail! She is good with other dogs and kids....and now Sadie is loving life on Long Island! Thank you Scott for giving this sweetie a wonderful home!



Three year old Rosie has found her forever home...thanks to Dorothy for giving her an amazing opportunity and thank you to Animal Welfare Society for helping with this wonderful girl!


Lola came in from a local shelter where she was dropped off to be euthanized...she is 10 years old...Lola has take residence here in Coventry...where we save specific space for oldies who may need a warm, soft, safe place to live out their life...Lola has buddied up with our old Chrissy and is loving her comfort and freedom! Thanks to everyone who helped save Lola!




A 10 month old female...spayed...sweet...updated on vaccinations, all bloodwork looks great...was her for a few days and went to live with John and Carol...long time adopters....good for Bella! She needs the time that these kind and experienced people will give her to build her self for pics!



Clarissa is a 3 year old healthy female, loves to run and loves to cuddle...prefers to be the only pet in the house...spayed, all vaccs up to date and ready to go! Lori and NCNE found a forever home for Clarissa!

Neo the Husky 

Neo is a 10 year old neutered male...up to date on everything...looking for a soft spot to rest his head for his senior years...owners had to move and could not take him...he is in amazingly good shape ... good with kids... appears fine around other dogs... UPDATE... Neo has found his forever home... it was felt that Neo would do best in an only dog took time to find the right home...but AWS found him a home as an only dog! Good for Neo...thanks to AWS!




Adele is a one year old female...we had her spayed and updated on all vaccinations...bloodwork showed a healthy girl! She was in and out within two weeks and is now loving life with Nancy and Bill, former adopters! Pics to follow!


Meet Izzy...a two year old female...very sweet....needs traditional fencing....had to be rehomed due to a child with severe allergies...Izzy is energetic and happy go lucky...she was spayed last week...we will get to know her better once she is healed...stay tuned! Spay a success and healed! She is ready to go to the right family ... UPDATE ... Izzy has taken up residence in Long Island...thank you Judy and Ed for giving this girl a home!


An energetic 7 year old...sweet...loves everyone...fully healed from her spay, up to date on everything, and healthy...Zoe needs a family to love and to love her...she is ready to go home to the right family ... UPDATE... Zoe is in her new home...she has two four legged brothers...Durham and Billy...of course, she is the boss! They are adjusting well to their new sister...thanks Brenda for giving this girl a home!



A 3 year old Newf/Golden mix looking for a home with an active lifestyle...would love to hike and swim and be part of an active family. He's very sweet and just needs some love and attention. We had him neutered this past week, he's updated on everything...UPDATE...HERC is in his new home and loving life...thank you to Tim and Annie for giving this good boy a chance! WOW...he is in LOVE with kids!!!!!



Dolf is a lovable  2 year old neutered male Giant Schnauzer. He weighs 110 pounds and is an energetic, athletic, handsome, and incredibly smart dog who likes to play games and work for his owner. He is a very loyal dog who fully devotes himself to his family. He is good with children and with other dogs. Dolf has been through obedience classes, is house broken, and is a wonderful companion....and loves the water! Dolf's placement is being handled by our friends at the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford CT. Please let us know if you have interest in adopting this beautiful and smart boy ... UPDATE...Superb job, AWS, for finding Dolf his forever home!



A three and a half year old neutered male...very sweet...good with kids ... good with other dogs but  best as an only dog...needs some weight... likes to swim...wants to be someone's special family member. And now Odin IS someone's special family member! Animal Welfare Society and That Newfoundland Place worked together to help Odin find his special spot! Thanks to Alex and Mary Anne for making this possible!


Buddy and Toby

Buddy and Toby ... two GIANT SCHNAUZERS....7 years old, sweet, sweet , lovable dogs...good in the house ... well behaved....will be a great addition for the right home...they have been together always and we want to keep them together.

Two sweet and amazing dogs...extremely well behaved...good with other dogs...super with people...and are now living in their new forever home! Good for Buddy and Toby! We were able to find them an experienced Giant Schnauzer home where they will live out their lives together and happy! Thank you to our adopting family!


A seven year old black male, wonderful dispostion, acts like a four year old, a very happy and loving boy...good with kids, dogs, cats. Dozer was vetted and deemed healthy and happy! He left for Massachusetts to live with his wonderful new family. He is an only dog and has a wonderful little girl to watch over. Thanks to Joanna and Tim for opening their home to Dozer!



Lady Bug

Update...Lady Bug had a huge following! Thanks to all who offered her a home...she has found her way to New Hampshire...we are grateful for her outstanding home!

 Due to a negative family situation, Lady Bug is back with us...we are looking for a forever home for her...she is amazing in the house...would prefer a fenced yard...did great with a young male...loves to play in the water...good with cats and was an amazing companion to her adopter...she is heartbroken at having to relinquish Lady Bug... 

As you may recall, Lady Bug is a sweet 2 year old spayed female Newfoundland...brown and white...divorce led her to us initially...we've had all of her vet work completed and she is ready to go to the right home! Let me warn you...she is a leaner!!!


A four year old male Newfoundland...grey...bouncy and happy...being neutered next week and will be ready for a new home in 2 to 3 for updates as we get to know this sweet boy! Cinder healed beautifully after his neuter surgery...happy, healthy...and now living in New Hampshire...thanks, Joanne for giving Cinder a home ...he and Maggie will make a great team!


Penny and Polly

These girls were two of the original walking on her carpal joint...the other so sick that she cried when she was picked, with their new family, they are thriving! Playing, eating, loving life! Thanks to Mary, Ernie, Mike and Nick for loving these sweet girls!!!


Now he's called Tobi Turtle....

This puppy came in with the original four...he could not use his front end at all...he was a "swimmer" ... front legs splayed so far apart that he had to push himself with his rear to move around...once he arrived and was evaluated...our vet knew exactly what to do...he was up and walking within 2 weeks...look at him now in his new home! Thanks to Sandy and Kevin for giving Tobi Turtle the chance he needed!





Here she is! A Mini Schnauzer! She is approximately 6ish...spayed...owner passed away...had her in for all her normal vet work...however upon exam our vet found a mamary gland type tumor...this will be removed on Wednesday and once recouperated, she will be ready for her forever home. Great on a leash, jumps right in the car...and unlike a Newfoundland... you can carry her! Toadie is heading for her new home...with the help of our friends the Animal Welfare Society!


Annie, now called Tessa or a 7 year old spayed female Newfoundland who spent a few days with us then went to her forever home! We had the perfect match for her ... and so far so good! Good for you, Tessa!



A 5 year old very sweet and well behaved female Landseer...just spayed on Wednesday...emaciated...needs food and love...we have been told that she was used as a breeding female from a puppy mill...we are assisting the Newfoundland Club of New England with this placement. Update ... Brynn is in her forever home! Lucky girl! Thanks to Donna and Bill!




A 12 year old spayed Newfoundland amazing shape! She would love a soft spot to lay her head for her remaining years and someone to love her! called Mickey...found her soft spot for her head and the loves of her life! YAY, Mickey!




Elmo, a 7 month old pup, was just neutered and is doing well...we will be planning his placement. He is a sweet puppy who had a tough start...thank goodness for the angel who took him OUT of the pet store! Elmo is in his new home...we are anxious to see how he settles in! Go Elmo!!! Mike and Cheryl...thank you for giving this boy his forever home!

Big Ted...the older Newf

 We just placed Teddy the puppy...then an older Newf, also named Ted, was surrendered to our rescue. Owner is ill...Ted has been living under the deck for an extended period of time...matted and with an open wound, Ted spent Friday at our vet's office...his wound was cleaned and sutured, he was updated on vaccinations, blood work was done as is our normal process...and huge matts were removed...he is settling in and we are getting to know this sweetie!

Hey Hey! TED is on his way! Loving life in his new home where he is the only dog and the center of Dave's attention! You rock, Dave! Thanks for giving Ted his forever, happy home!

 Another Brownie! (FOUND A HOME)

Three and a half years old, we call her Brownie TWO...sweet, easy going female ... good with other dogs, kids, just wants to be hugged and loved! Already spayed...we had her vet checked and all is fine! Brownie TWO is already in her new home!


Teddy has recently arrived in Coventry...he just turned 7 months neutered...healthy and ready for a new home. We will spend some time getting to know Teddy prior to a placement to ensure that we make the best choice for him. Stay tuned for more information!

Teddy will be going home with Sharon and TJ! YAY Teddy!


Gambit is a 12 month old Siberian Husky whose family relinquished due to hardship. He has been vetted, neutered, updated on all medical issues. He's good on a leash and a good, healthy boy over all...who needs a super home of his own!

Gambit has been with us for over a week...what an amazing and gentle boy he is!!

Gambit is now in his new home....YAY for Gambit! Thanks to Sue and Robby for spoiling this magnificent boy ... he so deserves it!

 Sammie (FOUND A HOME)

Sammie is a 2 1/2 year old needs to live with a family who is smarter than he is...LOL! He acts like a puppy possibly due to lack of training and perhaps a poor puppyhood...he is a sweetie and soaks up attention...a super dog for the right home. That Newfoundland Place is assisting the Newf Club of New England with this dog.

Sammie's hair is growing in...he has put on weight and is looking good...he is energetic and very bright....he is well behaved in the house but needs a traditionally fenced yard and needs to be kept busy... best in an adult home.

Sammie is still looking for his forever home...he has come such a long way and is doing amazingly well...but needs a family of his own!

Thank you, Nancy and Bill, for taking Sammie into your home! He is one lucky boy!!


 Hazel, a 12 week old puppy, came into our rescue with the assistance of another all breed rescue group. It took about 24 hours for Hazel to end up in her forever home...thanks AJ and Eric for giving this baby girl a great home!


What an amazing Labrador! We love him! Energetic and sweet...craves attention...needs a home with a traditionally fenced yard and people who will love him...great with other dogs...we are helping Labrescuect with this wonderful boy!

YAY Oliver! Oliver went to his new home today with Gregg and Kim and family...thank you for giving this amazing dog a wonderful home! AND...thanks to Kim from Medfield for sending these folks our way!


Family hardship has brought Molly to us...thanks to Jamie for getting us English Springer Spaniel...Molly is liver and white, healthy, always wagging her tail...five years old, spayed and seeking her forever home. She likes a good run in the yard but has always been a house dog and loves to be with her people...good with other dogs also!

 Update ... Molly is in her new home! YAY for Molly! Thank you, Jean, for giving Molly her forever home!


Millie is a 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog...just turned in to our organization...currently in Long Island with Chris Pulver, she will be coming to Coventry CT possibly this weekend for evaluation and vetting ... Chris says she is a real sweetie....UPDATE....Millie has been adopted and is living on Long Island.

Brownie (FOUND A HOME)

Little Brownie, approximately 15 weeks old, has recently come to us...she was found sick and the streets. She was so ill that her breed was unidentifiable! Thanks to the ACO in the area and a wonderful rescue organization, she was treated and is now doing quite well. She will be staying with us for awhile before placement so that we can follow through on additional medical needed...we want to be sure she is in prime shape for a new home.

Brownie is in her new home...thanks to Abby and Tony for taking in called Zoe...we all look forward to watching this pup grow up!


Lexi, 16 weeks old, was turned over to us due to an illness in the family. She is a beautiful and well adjusted puppy. Currently in a foster, we have a feeling that this might be her forever home! Lexi's foster home is NOW her final home! Good for you, Lexi! Thanks to Annette and Rich!

Gilley aka Lilly (FOUND A HOME)

 Gilley came into rescue due to a change in family dynamics ... she is anxious and nervous ... needs some TLC and people to love her ... we are helping the Newfoundland Club of New England with Jilly's care and placement.

Gilley now named Lilly has found a wonderful home! Thanks to Tom and Alice for providing the home and love for Silly Lilly! 

Munchie (FOUND A HOME)

Munchie is an eight year old Mini Doxie...sadly, his owner was admitted to a nursing facility in an emergency situation and will be remaining there. Social workers called Chris Pulver in Long Island and she was quick to grab Munchie! Good for you Munchie! He's a bit over weight, needed his vaccinations updated, needed to be wormed, and some cosmetics...That Newfoundland Place took care of it all and now Munchie is ready to go to his new home! Stay tuned for Munchie updates! Munchie is living LARGE in Maine with his new family, which includes two mini four leggers!


Some tough times for the family have brought Rosie, 3 1/2 years old,  to us at That Newfoundland Place. She arrived in pink hair ribbons and is just adorable. We have a vet check planned for Monday...and will keep everyone up to date on Rosie's status...she will make a wonderful family member for the right family...with a little leash training! Rosie will be having eye surgery on Tuesday ... she is entropic...this needs to be repaired prior to placement and will ensure that her vision is never affected.

Rosie's eyes were fixed...and she is now living a wonderful life in New Hampshire. Her new family says she acts like she's been there FOREVER!!! Good for Rosie!

Alvin and Ziva...St Bernards

(Ziva and Alvin FOUND A HOME)

Alvin is a 5 year old neutered male...Ziva is a 4 year old spayed female...they are currently a bit too much for their owner...we have offered to put the word out and are trying to help the owner find quality homes for these dogs. Both are up to date on vaccinations and just need a loving home...together or separate! Please contact us if interested and we will connect you directly with the owner...who has a wonderful history with Newf Rescue!


Sophie is a 3 year old female, spayed yesterday...owners in the military and transferred...she is used to living with other dogs, a cat, and children. Sophie LOVES to swim! After only a few hours of being with us, we see that she is gentle and sweet. Sophie (now called Nana) is thriving in her new home! Thank you, Emilie for giving this girl such a wonderful home!


Young male...just turned 12 months old last week...too much for his owners...craves attention and needs some training. We will have him neutered and do some work with him...he will make someone a great dog! Bearie is NOT a swimmer...we spent the day at the pond yesterday...he had absolutely no interest in the water....not all Newfs are water dogs!

Bearie is in his new home ... a wonderful age boys home for the next few weeks and spoiling him, I am certain! He jumped right into their car and he was READY to go!


An 8 year old spayed female MINIATURE POODLE! Probably about 30 pounds...this size is between a toy and a standard...very sweet...would be a great athletic director for another dog...a male would work used to invisible trained...8 is NOT OLD for this breed!

Dudley now called Fiddler! (FOUND A HOME)

A 4 year old male, Dudley is a wonderful dog...he's good with kids, other dogs, and just about everything else! He's a big, well behaved boy with a propensity for going over a fence. He has already done it here because he just wants to be with people. Today his fence jumping turned into roof hopping! Dudley...who we are now calling Fiddler...jumped on to the roof over our big kennel behind the big barn...then on to the roof that's attached to the back of the barn over our other kennels...for those of you who have been know how HIGH that is!  So, Fiddler needs a special home and we will find it! We are assisting the Newfoundland Club of New England with Dudley's aka Fiddler's care and placement. He will be vetted and neutered shortly.

Fiddler LOVES the water and LOVES to run....he's like a PONY! What a wonderful and sweet boy! He will make one lucky family a magnificent dog!!!

Thanks Deb and Hal for giving Fid a super home...Fiddler is an absolutely one of a kind boy!

Kita aka Peter (FOUND A HOME)

Kita is a 9 month old male...a sweet but boisterous puppy...he has not been fed well and resembles Christmas Clyde in that he is emaciated. We are assisting the Newfoundland Club of New England with his care and placement. He needs to be vetted, neutered, and possibly an orthopedic exam ... but he is sweet and craves attention. News flash...Peter (Kita) LOVES to SWIM! What an amazing boy he is!

Peter (Kita) has moved to Vermont where he has his very own pond...a few horses...and a wonderful owner...thank you, Ruth!



Harley, a 2 year old female, came into our organization when her owners felt that their work schedule was not fair to Harley... Harley was in amazing condition when she came to us...she was extremely well cared for...and she was placed almost immediately in a home where someone is there almost all the time! She will be walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean routinely...and she has a Newfie brother! Good for you Harley!


Olie is a 4 year old neutered male Newfie mix....he's looking for a home where he can be the only dog ... he is up to date on shots, great with kids...housetrained...he LOVES to play, ride in the car and LIVES to snuggle!




A change in family situation has forced rehoming of Violet....lucky for Violet that Vivian was waiting! Thanks to our long time volunteer Sue Monroe for helping to orchestrate this outstanding match!


Chief is an 18 month old neutered male Landseer...a sweetheart! Change in family situation brought him our way ... good with other dogs ... a real love!  Thank you, Helen, for making Chief part of your amazing home!



Three year old Page, spayed black female, is looking for a forever hardship has brought her to us ... she is bouncy and sweet ... lived with other dogs and has had some cat exposure...good with young children ... vet appointment on 2/24 then she should be ready to go!

Our thanks to Heidi and Mary for giving this sweet girl a home!

Charlie Girl (FOUND A HOME)

Charlie Girl has arrived! She is a 3 year old spayed female...we are just getting to know her...she is energetic and always wagging her tail...loves belly rubs! Rides great in the car but needs someone that is well versed in handling strong, smart dogs...traditional fencing is a an only dog, she will be your BEST buddy!

Charlie Girl....a LOVE..needs a traditional fence....and a homebody....she is sweet and loving....we love her !!!!



Mickey is a 2 1/2 year old male who will be coming to That Newfoundland Place ...Mickey needs eye surgery for entropion and he needs to be neutered....he is a sweet boy and will make a wonderful family pet!

Mickey has arrived in Coventry! He is scheduled for surgery on March 7th...stay tuned for his progress!

Surgery done...eyes fixed...neutering done!!! He is a strong boy and needs a strong home with people around...we currently have a couple of prospects for him....he goes to where he will succeed!!! He will not be leaving prior to mid April.... we are working with Mickey! A love for sure!!!!!

Thanks, Robyn, for giving Mickey a wonderful home!


Molly is a 2 1/2 year old black female who needs a home due to family hardship...she is a real sweetie and will be a super addition to a deserving family!

Molly is wonderful...we have a prospective home for her....Molly is going to be checked out by our cardiologist prior to placement...a slight murmur was detected and we want to be sure that we know exactly what this is...if anything...prior to placement....she is  a ball of good fire! The cardiologist says Molly's heart is NORMAL! She is good to go!


Christmas Clyde (FOUND A HOME)

Clyde, a male Landseer, found by a local Long Island shelter, Save-A-Pet, was so weak from malnutrition that he could not stand.  See the pic taken by Save-A-Pet! A vet decided he was too far gone recommending euthanasia. As Clyde was lifted to the table, angels from Sav-a-Pet saw a twinkle in his eye. These angels took him in and turned him over to us!


Ideally, his weight should be 155. Approximately 3 or 4 years old, he’s a big boy…but only weighs 82 pounds and every bone in his emaciated body can be felt!

Hungry and weak, nearly starved to death, Clyde exudes nothing but sweetness and happiness.  He is eating 6 small meals a day and actually trotted around the yard yesterday! 

It will take many vet visits, good nutrition, patience, and time to get Clyde ready for a new home…however whoever adopts him will have the ultimate love of their lives! 

UPDATE!!! Christmas Clyde has put on TEN POUNDS!!!


Our Christmas Clyde has come such along way...the process has been a challenge ... and we still have such a long way to go! He is now over 100 pounds...and is down to 3 normal meals a day ... consisting of a high cartilage diet and home cooking!

His lack of strength and poor structure are related to poor nutrition and probable over crating ...we are looking at therapy and swimming options to increase his strength ... we are so thrilled that he ended up with us, giving us the opportunity to care for him and to give him back the life he so deserves! Clyde is very cooperative and willingly does all that is asked of him...what more could we ask?

Christmas Clyde is doing GREAT! Chris...YOU are amazing!!! Christmas Clyde now has a home and will be leaving on Tuesday....folks that are well versed in caring for medically challenged buddies!!!! Good for you Clyde .... or should I call you NEMO!!!! Thank you Sandy for giving NEMO an amazing home!

Check our Christmas Clyde in his new POOL!






Max is a senior who was owner surrendered due to owner illness. He was neutered yesterday and given a good check up...and a clean bill of health! Max would love to be someone's companion! And now he IS someone's companion! Hooray for Max!!! Thank you, Trish, for making Max's Newf Year!!!


We were told that Raggs was a Newf/Bernese Mountain Dog cross...7 months old...she was spayed a week ago, vaccines were updated, blood work done, etc....we are now seeking the PERFECT home for Raggs and we have found it! Our thanks to Tony and Abby for giving our girl the home she so deserves!


Raggs 2



Xena is an 18 month old spayed Landseer female. She is high energy and would be a remarkable working dog for a savvy dog person....she loves to swim! Xena needs training, has grown up with kids but needs to live with older children due to her exuberance... due to her prey drive, no cats please...

Xena's owners love her...they cannot part with Xena is staying with her people! We have offered training options and we will be here if help is needed in the future.


Minnie Driver (FOUND A HOME)

She was picked up as a stray...That Newfoundland Place stepped in to help...unclaimed, we are once again working with The Animal Welfare Society in finding Minnie Driver, as we call her, a new home! Consensus is that she is a Min Pin/Chihuahua mix .... She is such a cutie!!!

Brewsky (FOUND A HOME)

Brewsky came to us through the Boston Animal Rescue League. He is to be neutered on Wednesday. We will also be doing a series of tests to find the source of skin issues with this young male. Under a year old, we took him to attempt to remedy his skin issues so that he can lead a full and enjoyable life...this puppy needed a chance!

Update...the tests are done...the results are in ... Brewsky is on antibiotics and his diet is being altered to remedy his skin issues...our thanks to his foster mom for helping with this boy!

Brewsky is on very expensive special medication for his skin...he is looking so much better! Take a look! He's getting to be such a BIG boy!

I hope everyone got to meet Brewsky at our recent Open House...he was the one wearing the jacket. Our veterinarian stopped in and was amazed at how he has progressed...nice job Sandy!


Bo, a 4 year old female, came to us recently as her owner did not feel that she was getting enough time and attention. She will be spayed shortly, updated on all medical issues, and will then be looking for her new home! She found it! Bo is living with repeat adopters...Lisa, Michael, and Lu! It looks like Lu has a new roomie!!

Leah and Sprocket (FOUND A HOME)

Leah and Sprocket came to That Newfoundland Place after one of their owners died unexpectedly. Slightly over a year old, we had them spayed and neutered...updated on all medical issues...and both have found their forever homes with former rescue adopters!



 Odin ... the 8 week old Newfoundland puppy (FOUND A HOME)

How cute am I? Interest was HUGE in this cutie! Odin has made it to his new home...good for you, Odin!

Take a look at Odin now!!!




Ozzie the Bullmastiff (FOUND A HOME)

 Here's Ozzie ... came to us due to family hardship...a very sweet 11 month old neutered male...stay tuned for his progress!


Ozzy had surgery on 8/3/2011 to correct a cherry eye...blood work was done and a general check up...he's an amazing and sweet boy. Here's Ozzy...healed after surgery with a bit of Newfoundland drool!

Update ... Oz is in his new home! Our thanks to Bob and Lesley for giving Ozzy a great home! Oz, as he is now called, will be starting his training with Bob...and will be an amazing therapy dog!



Luke arrived in Coventry today, July 14th...he will be neutered and vetted...he is a sweet and soft typical Newfoundland whose family ran into hard times. We are grateful to the shelter for letting us help with Luke and to our friend Pete who was kind and generous in getting Luke to us!

Luke was neutered 8/3/11 and is doing well! Stay tuned for his progress and come to meet him at our next open house! Luke LOVES to swim and would love a home where he has access to water.


Meet our newest girl...Casey...a yellow Labrador. Casey came to us a few weeks ago suffering from severe malnutrition and was extremely fearful. She's feeling so much better...she's been spayed and has packed on a few pounds already! Thank you to those who found US for Casey!

Casey is on her way to her new home! Good for you Casey! Casey is loving life with her new family in New York and her Labrador sister, Cyclone! 

Casey Pic 1

Casey Pic 2


 A sporting breed cute is she? Loving life, needs some vet work for a skin infection on her face..we are taking care of this as our donation....eats like a trooper and runs like I wish I could run! Thank you to the Coventry ACO for picking this dog up and giving her a safe haven ... posting as a courtesy to Coventry ACO!

With the help of the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford, extraordinary organization, Cindy is on her way to her forever home! Thank you AWS...Renee and Janet...and your wonderful employees and volunteers for helping with this adorable girl! She will be the athletic director of her new family for sure!

Dudley and Morgan (FOUND A HOME)

Dudley, 7 and Morgan 5... a father and daughter...surrendered to rescue due to family hardship. We are trying to find them a home where they can be together ... come to the open house to meet them!

Dudley and Morgan have a new family...together...two  magnificent dogs for a magnificent family....another HAPPY TAIL!  Bob and Beryl...thank you for giving these dogs a wonderful life!

Dudley and Morgan's New Family

Dudley Pic 1

Dudley Pic 2

Morgan Pic 1

Magenta (FOUND A HOME)


Just turned in to That Newfoundland Place...9 year old female, Magenta, due to family hardship.

Magenta has returned to Coventry, CT...she was not adjusting well to her new home. Because she has done so well here in Coventry, she will be staying with our senior citizens to live out the rest of her life. Glad to have you home, Magenta!



Summer arrived in Coventry 5/14/11, family hardship. Summer is 5 years old and very sweet... cruciate surgery was done 7 days ago and a lump was removed from her head, as well. She is doing well...taking short walks, eating well, so far so good! Our thanks to our magnificent vet, Dr. Berzon, for taking care of our girl! We are looking for a home for Summer.

Summer went for her post op xray on July 19th...healing nicely...and READY for her new home!

Liza and Bruce, long time rescue adopters, have taken Summer into their home...and she has an adorable brother, Tyson, also a rescue... good for you, Summer!


Manny and New Family!

Manny! A sweet 2 year old has moved to his new home!


Chloe has found her home! Thank you Mark and Wendy for making this girl part of your family!